Smart Contracts Creation

So you want to create a smart contract? There are several ways of doing this but for all of them you will need to know solidity.

Solidity is the language that we use to create and build a smart contract. There are a few concepts you should know about smart contracts before you get started.

  1. Smart contracts code is immutable. This means that once you deploy it you cannot change that code. So if you have a bug or an error it will always be there. This means you have to audit and test your contract through and through before you deploy it.

  2. You will need a compiler to deploy it. We do not have any interfaces that allow you to do code straight to the blockchain yet. We are working on some tools but for now you will need a solidity compiler such as Truffle. Then you can deploy the compiled byte code to the chain either with Truffle or directly through our wallet.

  3. Make sure to look at all our smart contract guides on the home page of the sdk. These give you specific clues and requirements for Halo Platform’s contracts, solidity, and tuffle usage.


The first thing you need to learn is solidity. We use the same version of solidity that Ethereum uses so it’s best to go to their wiki to learn up on it. Solidity Docs. This language is similar to any high level language you have worked with. Some akin it close to JavaScript or Go.


Then you’ll need truffle to actually compile and deploy your contract. You can find it here: Truffle Framework

Code Writing

We use Visual Studio Code for all our code writing at Halo Platform. If you want to you can grab it and the solidity extension to make your Solidity writing solid.

More Info Coming

As we build more systems and align more guidelines on smart contract development we will release full courses on developing smart contracts on the Halo Platform.